NEAL CORTELL, Professional Background


Neal Cortell, Executive Producer-Director, Writer, Lecturer, Author, and Historian - has an extensive career involved in diverse aspects of television journalism. He has developed ABC Money Talks, ABC MoneyScope, American Consumer, and Business Week TV brands, under which he produced and directed 400 national financial news programs and 3,000 daily business reports that became the number one-rated of their genre. News programming alone under his charge has run in excess of over thirty-years via: ABC-TV, PBS-TV, FOX Business Network, and WorldNet TV.

Neal Cortell’s professional background includes Reuters, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal/Dow Jones, Monitor, and ABC News. Neal is member of the American Society of Professional Journalists, U. S. Department of State Foreign Journalists Program, former consultant to American Forces Network, Europe (AFN), Deadline Club, National Arts Club, graduate of Emerson College in Boston, DeCordova Design School in Lincoln, MA, and former Journalist in the United States Coast Guard (Ret).

Most Recent Award


By creating the Monte-Carlo Television/Film Festival in 1961, Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace of Monaco wished to "encourage a new art form, in the service of peace and understanding". Monaco's global status suited the ambition of the Royal Family: to recognize television and film as a means of bringing cultures together and enhancing their respective knowledge.

This project immediately generated worldwide interest and over the years, many recognized celebrities have sat on the successive juries, bringing international recognition to what can be considered the best of television and motion picture programming. H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco has been the Honorary President of the Festival since 1988. The Authority Group of New York was honored as a "Select Finalist" in the News Documentary category entitled, THE MEDIA, Future of News by the international jury in Monaco.

  • U. S. National Archives/Washington, DC
  • U. S. Women in Military Service for America Memorial/Arlington, VA
  • U. S. Navy Historical & Heritage Command/Washington, DC
  • U. S. World War II Memorial/Washington, DC
  • U. S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)/ Washington, DC
  • U. S. Navy War College/Newport, RI
  • U. S. Coast Guard Headquarters/Washington, DC
  • U. S. Coast Guard Museum & Library/New London, CT
  • USS Navy Nautilus Museum & Library/Groton, CT
  • National Security Agency Museum (NSA), Fort Meade, MD
  • Library of Congress/Washington, DC
  • American Merchant Marines Museum/Kings Point, NY
  • Winston Churchill Museum/ London & Cambridge, UK
  • Connecticut River Museum/Essex, CT
  • Custom House Museum/New London, CT
  • German Repository & Museum/Nuremberg, GER
  • National Canadian Archives & Museum/Saint John, New Brunswick Canada
  • Royal Canadian Navy/Atlantic Command Historian/Halifax, N.S. Canada
  • WWII Sackville Museum/Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • National Maritime Museum/ Bermuda
  • WWII Caribbean Command/San Juan, PR & St. Thomas, USVI
  • World War II Museum/Edenbough, Scotland, UK
  • Bletchley Park & Code Breakers Museum/Milton Keyenes, UK
  • Imperial War Archive/London, UK
  • Union National Des Combatants Museum/ Beausoliet, FR
  • WWII Historic Museum/ Anzio, Italy

Resources: Experts & Interviews
  • Peter Jennings, ABC News
  • Phil Donahue, TV Talk Host & Film Producer, "Body of War"
  • Brian Williams, NBC Nightly News, Anchor & Managing Editor
  • Cokie Roberts, ABC & NPR Analyst, author of "Founding Mothers"
  • Jeff Greenfield, CBS News, Senior Political Correspondent
  • Keith Olbermann, former MSNBC Anchor & ESPN News
  • Ted Kopple, Former ABC News Anchor
  • William Wheatley, Jr., Former NBC News & Neiman Foundation, Harvard
  • Bill Baker, PBS & WNET, Columbia University & Fordham University
  • Norman Lear, Act III Communications, Creator, Producer & Writer
  • David Bushman, Paley Center for Media, Curator
  • Andrew Kohut, Pew Research Center, D.C.
  • Naomi Klein, Lecturer & Author, "The Shock Doctrine"
  • John Quelch, Harvard Professor & Co-Author of "Greater Good"
  • Richard Parker, Harvard Kennedy School of Government, Professor
  • Ellen Hume, MIT Civic Media & Authored, "Tabloids, Talk Radio and Future of News"
  • Robert McChesney, Author & Professor, University of Illinois
  • David Sirota, MNNBC Commentator & Author, "The Uprising"
  • Sean Hannity, Fox Cable & ABC Talk Host
  • Michael Wolff, Author & Media Commentator of "Vanity Fair"
  • Malia Lazu, Gathering Project, co-author "Get Stupid White Men Out of Office."
  • Janet Kolodzy, Emerson College, Professor of Journalism, Boston
  • Tuna Amobi, Media Analyst, Standard & Poor's
  • Joel Silberman, Political & Media Advisor
  • David Tereshuk, "The Media Beat," Columnist
  • David Carr, New York Times, Media Business Columnist
  • Stewart Elliott, New York Times, Marketing & Media Columnist
  • Andrew Lippman, Professor MIT Media Labs
  • Richard Wald, Commentator Columbia University
  • Todd Gitlin, Professor Columbia University
  • Phillip Balboni, Global Post Publisher
  • Nicole Sawaya, Pacifica Radio Director
  • Laura Flanders, GritTV Anchor
  • Julius Genachowski, Commissioner of the Federal Communications Commission
  • Steve Rendall, Fair Magazine & Website Editor
  • Peter Hart, Analyst FAIR, Fairness & Accuracy in Reporting
  • Barbara Walters, ABC News & "The View" (NYT)
  • Walter Cronkite, CBS News Anchor & Commentator (C Span)
  • Tom Brokaw, NBC Commentator & Author, "Boom" (NYT) • (USA) 917 848-2022
150 East 61st Street, Suite 5-F, New York, NY 10065

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