The Media: Future of News


THE BROADCAST MEDIA, Future of News, a compelling documentary that questions the current state of news gathering and dissemination. Recent years have brought dramatic changes in journalism on Broadcast TV, Cable and the Internet. Narrated by Mort Dean, former CBS-TV and ABC-TV Anchor, the documentary juxtaposes the "Golden Days" of the 60s with todays "New Media Age" that includes Smartphones, iPads, Kindles, Nooks and developing hand-held Internet devices and posits what the future might have in store, for better or for worse.

Mort Dean, Former CBS-TV News & ABC-TV News

Morton Dean is an American television news journalist who has worked for CBS News and ABC News since the mid-1960s. During much of his tenure at CBS, Dean anchored weekend editions of CBS Evening News, as well as daily and evening editions of CBS Newsbreak. He left CBS in 1985 for Tribune Broadcasting, where he anchored the nationally syndicated Independent Network News originating from Tribune's flagship station WPIX-TV in New York. Dean then joined ABC as he anchored the newscasts on the ABC Network's Good Morning America. Dean also traveled extensively covering breaking stories around the world. Furthermore, Dean was the narrator of the award winning documentary covering THE MEDIA, THE FUTURE OF NEWS featured on PBS-TV Stations. Mort Dean is the recipient of numerous Emmy Awards and the United Press International Awards. United Press International

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